The Recent Building Project

The focus of this final phase, the focus of the whole building project, is the bell tower. This bell tower is an entrance to the monastery near the church, and opens into a wide passageway that connects with the church to the left through a narthex and to the rest of the monastery to the right. As with all of our new buildings, it is barrier free. As promised at the beginning of our campaign, the names of all building fund donors, or the persons in whose memory or honor the gifts were made, are kept in a book housed in the new passageway, and those whose total gifts were $2,500 or more are inscribed on the east wall. It is a large enough area for tour groups to gather, and it is also a good place to start the Palm Sunday and Easter Vigil liturgies before processing into the church. South of the passageway there are two offices and a work room for the monks.

We thank all of you for your generosity and prayers over the years.