Because of covid19 concerns, we are not having guests at our services. We know it has been hard for many people to not be able to attend public worship, so please know that the world is in our hearts and prayers. We will post a notice when we can allow guests.

We are also posting sermons and thoughts on our Facebook Public Group.

The monastic community is still praying the full monastic office as well as daily eucharist. You are all in our hearts as we pray. More importantly, we are all in God’s heart.


Abbey photos

Saint Gregory’s Abbey is the home of a community of men living under the Rule of Saint Benedict within the Episcopal Church. The center of the monastery’s life is the Abbey Church, where God is worshiped in the daily round of Eucharist, Divine Office, and private prayer.

Also offered to God are the monks’ daily manual work, study and correspondence, ministry to guests, and occasional outside engagements.