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Abbot Andrew has made sample stories & sample chapters of his fiction available for reading at his blog.

god's-desireMoving and Resting in God’s Desire: A Spirituality of Peace

There is great increase in quests for peace in our time, and for good reason. Violence seems also to be on the increase, intensifying the need to understand violence and find peaceful alternatives. Most distressing is the violence inspired by religion although each of these religions teach peace. The odd thing about this is that most people claim they believe in peace and want peace, and peace is the very thing that eludes us much of the time. Why do we fail to get what we want?
With the help of the Gospel, Rene Girard’s insights, and soundings in the fundamental practices of Christian spirituality, Moving and Resting in God’s Desire: A Spirituality of Peace examines how human desires are shared among us in complicated ways. Special attention is paid to ways shared desires lead to violence and how we can overcome it by allowing ourselves to be strengthened by God’s desire as shown in the Forgiving Victim who rose from the dead. A powerful path towards spiritual renewal.


Singing God's PraisesSinging God’s Praises

A collection of the best articles published in our newsletters during the first sixty years of the Abbey’s existence. Also included is a history of the Abbey.

Come Let Us Adore: St. Gregory's Abbey, 1999-2011Come Let Us Adore: St. Gregory’s Abbey, 1999-2011

A Successor volume to Singing God’s Praises: The First Fifty Years, collecting articles and photos published in the Abbey Letter over the past twelve years.

Tools for PeaceTools For Peace

Tools for Peace is the fruit of Abbot Andrew’s reflections on St. Benedict’s vision of living in the peace of Christ combined with the insights on violence and peace of the modern thinker Renè Girard.

Creatures We Dream of KnowingCreatures We Dream of Knowing

In this collection of seven short stories by Abbot Andrew, a group of unique characters opens their hearts and imaginations to beloved creatures who teach cherished life lessons.

Born In The Darkest Time Of The YearBorn In The Darkest Time Of The Year

Fifteen tales by Andrew Marr, OSB that catch the mystery, enchantment, and hope of the Christmas Season for readers of all ages.

From Beyond To HereFrom Beyond To Here

Beyond our wildest imaginations, other worlds and dimensions exist that are vastly different than ours. This intriguing collection of stories explores the ramifications of encounters with beings from the beyond.

The Forest of WindellynnThe Forest of Windellynn

Gwion Williams is playing a scrub baseball game with his friends after school when his friend, Kerry, disappears while chasing a long fly ball. Soon after, a strange boy, strangely dressed, appears and offers to help Gwion find his missing friend. Gwion soon learns that his friend has been kidnaped by elves to steal his soul. Before long, his friend Margot and sister Gwen are also taken. To rescue them, Gwion must risk a journey into the elves forest which they have created out of cyberspace. Along the way, Gwion finds that he has much to learn about what it means to have a soul. An exciting and thoughtful read for both young and older readers.


The Indwelling God by Andrew Marr, OSB
$4.00 – postage included. (this has been incorporated into Moving and Resting In God’s Desire available above)

Seven Times a Day I Praise You: Prayer Books for Daily Use by Br. Martin Dally, OSB
$3.00 – postage included

Saint Gregory’s Abbey and Benedictine Monasticism by Andrew Marr, OSB
$3.00 – postage included