Tools For Peace

Tools for Peace is the fruit of Abbot Andrew's reflections on St. Benedict's vision of living in the peace of Christ combined with the insights on violence and peace of the modern thinker René Girard.

240 pages, softcover, with glossary, notes, bibliography, and index

A sixth-century abbot who wrote a practical rule for his community and a twentieth-century thinker who has roamed through literature, cultural anthropology, and religious thought-what would these two men have in common to generate a conversation between them? The religious study Tools for Peace: The Spiritual Craft of St. Benedict and René Girard combines their insights on how to understand and overcome violence in the world today.

In his Rule for monks, St. Benedict explored ways that people can live in peace with one another and with God. René Girard probed human experience to seek the roots of violence that tears human communities apart and separates people from God. A dialogue between this abbot and this modern thinker across fifteen centuries deepens the insights of both into the causes and cures of human violence and gives us the tools to apply their ideas in our troubled world.

For both St. Benedict and Girard, peace is rooted in God. Anyone who yearns for harmony in the midst of the violence that surrounds us today can learn much from Tools for Peace, essentially joining in a conversation between two people who share a desire for the serenity of God for all times.

"A unique introduction to St. Benedict's Rule for monks via René Girard's views on human nature. Benedictine monk Marr adds a fresh volume to the existing commentary on the St. Benedict's book of precepts written for monks living in a monastery. He presents a compelling argument for the Rule as a response to mimetic discord and violence, while also using mimesis as a tool to spread peace."
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